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EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures

EMI/RFI shielded enclosure installations range from surgery complexes in hospitals through to communications centres, test laboratories, computer centres and secure conference rooms. Our types of enclosure may be of the standard modular construction S800series or all welded sheet steel custom built in location, or a special small instrument cabinet.

S800 Enclosures

The EMI/RFI S800 model incorporates the latest techniques and developments in shielding engineering, based on a range of interchangeable panels which can readily be installed, modified or expanded. They can be easily installed in enclosed areas utilising a free standing framing system which allows erection from inside the enclosure. Rigid steel-clad 1.2m wide laminated structural panels framed with 3mm thick cold rolled sections form our modular S800 R.F. shielded enclosures. The S800 series meets 80 percent of all R.F. shielding requirements. It offers the best attenuation to magnetic fields for the metal thickness used and provides excellent performance for electric fields and plane waves.

Standard enclosures can be supplied for heights of 2.44m, 3.04m and 3.64m for special needs. Different heights, shapes and sizes can be supplied to customer requirement.


Typical high performance attenuation based on tests per MIL-STD-285 and NSA 65-6 is a minimum of 100dB from 10kHz through to 10GHz in the electric and plane wave fields and 70dB to magnetic fields at 14kHz rising to 100dB at 1MHz and beyond. Higher performances can be achieved if required.

Model S800 Model S800-X Model S800-H Model S800-HX
Magnetic Field 35dB @ 10kHz 56dB @ 200kHz 35dB @ 10kHz 56dB @ 200kHz 20dB @ 1kHz 70dB @ 14kHz 100dB @ 200kHz 56dB @ 14kHz 100dB @ 200kHz
Electric Field 100dB from 100kHz through to 30MHz 100dB from 100kHz through to 30MHz 120dB from 100kHz through to 30MHz 120dB from 100kHz through to 30MHz
Plane Wave 100dB from 100MHz to 1GHz 100dB from 100MHz to 1GHz 120dB from 100MHz to 1GHz 120dB from 100MHz to 1GHz
Microwave   100dB @ 10GHz 100dB @ 10GHz 110dB @ 10GHz 100dB @ 18GHz 100dB @ 26GHz
Millimetre Wave       80dB @ 40GHz
Modular Enclosures

The S800 series enclosure is fully demountable prefabricated panel construction capable of being erected, disassembled, shipped and reerected entirely from its interior without special tools. The panels are joined by a steel framing system designed to provideelectrically conductive joints between panels and provide the attenuation specified. The finished installation is rigid in construction and will not interfere with the application of wall, floor and ceiling finishes and does not require soldering or welding.